So I have massively neglected this blogging thing and what set out to be a reflective log has fallen by the way side and got lost in all of the other goings on. This kind of sums up my last year! 

What has prompted me to blog has been the fact I have I have been judging some science fair entries for a fairly big competition and have been astounded by the quality, depth and technicality some of the entries have shown. In my small frame of reference I doubt any of the students would have had the inclination to enter such a contest, let alone have the resilience to overcome some of the barriers some of these students encountered. I wonder how my practice can aid in developing those skills, as I begin to think about my new post starting in September I am filled with the hope I can.


Having experienced some TEEP training I heard about the SOLO taxonomy, mentioned by our facilitator Darren Mead (big thanks @DKMead). After reading round the topic I could see the benefits and wanted to have a play and see what it could do for my students. I used a simple introductory task from Tait Coles blog which I adapted. (I couldn’t get away with Leeds FC- Sorry Tait!). It is fair to say the students managed this really well after a brief introduction from me about what we were hoping to do with this strange thing (the students did ask if I’d been on another course!). Following this taster of the taxonomy I asked them if they could use it to tell me what it was I would look for in their work based on this taxonomy. I gave them a blank taxonomy grid, 10 minutes and let them get on with it. ImageThe context was based around our work on separating solutions and rock salt, I really wanted to see what they would come up with so let them have free reign. They really were engaged with this and listening to some of the ideas and discussion about what they would need at each level was eye opening. A couple of examples are shown:

This was them thinking about how they were thinking! In terms of the outcome of each level I feel they need a little more work but they were actively engaged in setting their own learning agenda . Something I have always wanted students to actively be involved in. Next steps with this are to provide some more opportunities to use the taxonomy and feedback. Another thanks to @totallywired777 and @DKMead for the first footsteps.


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